All over the world, organisations and entrepreneurs agree that certification of best business practice provides valuable levels of reassurance for their customers.

ASCB is deemed the most popular independent accreditor of certifiers worldwide.



ASCB is an independent authority established in 1995 to accredit any organisation that issues certificates of qualification, attainment or compliance. ASCB uses an international standard based quality system, but does not perform certification itself. We only do accreditation.



ASCB accredit training programmes. Training accreditation provides a vital level of confidence for Trading Standards, National & Local Governments, Chambers of Commerce, Insurance Companies and Higher Education Establishments. Find out more



ASCB provides the security that certificated organisations are also undergoing annual quality assessment. We provide unrestricted global access to verify all certificates issued within the ASCB regime. We know of no other accreditation body providing this service. Click on www.irqao.com



The public rely upon the competence and integrity of persons conducting assessments. Accreditation assist’s customers and other stakeholders build confidence and knowledge about the competence and integrity of suppliers and certifiers that have undergone accreditation.



The ASCB accreditation regime is designed to protect the public from unethical practices by demonstrating to industry and the public the competence and integrity of the professional with whom they have chosen to work.



In the interests of best Quality Assurance practice, complaints and disputes regarding organisations registered under the ASCB or any other regime may be eligible for mediation.

ASCB was formed in 1995 in the United Kingdom to accredit a range of international non-governmental certifying bodies that assess products, personnel and management systems.

We are proudly independent and free of political interference. With our global headquarters in the United States, we serve clients in over 70 countries worldwide, using internationally recognised conformity assessment standards. Our market strength lies in not being a government appointed accreditation body. We seek only to benefit our prospective partners and the public by processes of openness, simplicity and technical validation.

Certification is a fantastic business asset but we know there is sometimes a misunderstanding about certification, that governments deem it to be mandatory and that all certification bodies have to be accredited by a National Accreditation Body, when in fact accreditation remains voluntary.

For more details on the accreditation services we offer and details of our authority, please see our "How Do I Apply?" page.

It’s all about reassurance

ASCB is in fact one of the leading international accreditation bodies in the world, respected for its integrity, practicality and impartiality. We pride ourselves on being technically outstanding without being overly bureaucratic.

Like an experienced mentor, as opposed to a judgemental overseer, we’re here to ensure you navigate a thorough, but swift path through to compliance. To date ASCB has accredited over 230 conformity assessment bodies (CABs) in 70 countries; registered over 10,000 assessors, auditors and quality assurance personnel achievements; and our accredited CABs have certificated over 30,000 organisations with a combined estimated annual turnover of $250 billion and hiring over 1 million employees.

All certificated bodies, organisations and products are placed on the International Register (IRQAO) that has a live search function, providing the user with instant verification of the authenticity of any ASCB and other accredited certificate holder. For a world map of ASCB accredited organisations, just click here.

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