Since 1995 ASCB has been actively involved in tertiary levels of quality assurance for further education programmes.

ASCB does not itself design or deliver education and training programmes and we are constrained by our operating procedures to restrict ourselves only to the provision of accreditation services for training and development courses.

Typically, the accreditation activity will ensure that the totality of training provision is appropriate for the intended or target trainee and their employers, where appropriate. This is achieved via the provision of quality assurance measures designed to ensure that the training requirement or input, matches the training and educational material, or output.

In addition, ASCB accreditation will ensure that the training provider has addressed those essential ancillary and logistical support activities, including essential health & safety requirements as well as the academic and administrative support, that results in the correct delivery and assimilation by students of the training and educational material.

Courses can be quality related, business improvement or technical subjects. Organisations wishing to be accredited under the ASCB regime also need to comply with a recognised training provider or competence recognition scheme. These could be ISO 17024, ASL(S)07, or similar.

Accreditation of training programmes provides an essential level of assurance for Trading Standards Organisations, Local Authorities, Chambers of Commerce, Insurance Companies and Higher Education Establishments. Independent accreditation by ASCB and similar accreditation authorities is often an essential pre-requisite for the delivery of training under the auspices of the above and similar categories of organisation or association.

If you have been presented with a ASL(S)07 certificate, you can ascertain the accreditation baseline by requesting a copy of the standard.  Please use the contact form to request the latest version.

ISO 17024 latest version can be purchased from ISO directly or your national standards institute.



As well as the below publications, all applicant organisations must be aware of the Accreditation: General Requirements documents.  These can be accessed from the 'How do I apply?' page. 

The following ASCB documents apply to Training Institutes:

Guide 21 Training accreditation

Form 53 Application form

Guide 27 Terms for trainers 

Guide 69 Training fees USD

It is a requirement of the training accreditation process that course training plans define key elements of the training provision. These are reviewed by ASCB and verified at site or remotely for e-learning courses.

Courses are observed by accreditation officers in order to verify the appropriateness of delivery and to derive feedback and comment from students and to assess levels of 'customer' satisfaction.

Once granted, ASCB training accreditation is limited to subjects defined in the accredited training organisations scope only. These are defined in the Accreditation Statements which can be viewed using the 'Search for Accredited Bodies' function of this website.