Training provider accreditation

Since 1995 ASCB has been actively involved in tertiary levels of quality assurance for further education programmes.

ASCB’s training accreditation service has built upon ASCB’s world-wide reputation for accrediting business systems and processes.  The Training Provider Standard ASCB TP:2022 is the next evolution of our first training standard, ASL(S)07, and was developed in response to increased customer demand for the formal recognition of training by an independent third party.

Training Provider Standard

Accreditation as a training provider demonstrates a commitment to the adoption of standardised principles and processes to create and promote the improved training to businesses, customers and projects.

Whether an individual business function, a company training department or a full training organisation/institution the Training Provider Standard addresses the requirements for training delivery over and above the governance controls required for the running of a business.

The Training Provider Standard provides a framework for the specific governance of the training provider – not the actual training course itself.

Do you need training accreditation?

Having accredited training can increase the credibility of the courses being offered.  It demonstrates a commitment to understanding how training can add value to a business.

Externally validated products and processes show customers that the way you work and the products you produce meet a minimum standard – one that can be relied upon.  Providing accredited training to support the use of a product or service can only build confidence further.

For internal courses it demonstrates to employees that the training provider values their learning and development – which is good for morale, which in turn helps productivity and bottom-line profit.

If you have been presented with a ASCB TP:2022 or ASL(S)07 certificate, you can ascertain the accreditation baseline by requesting a copy of the standard.  Please use the contact form to request the latest version.


As well as the below publications, all applicant organisations must be aware of the Accreditation: General Requirements documents.  These can be accessed from the 'How do I apply?' page. 

The following ASCB documents apply to Training Providers:

Guide 77 Training accreditation

Form 87 Application form

Guide 27 Terms for trainers

Our training providers fees are linked to the scale of the organization’s operations, as this is linked to the amount of quality assurance sampling we are required to conduct.  Please contact us to receive a short questionnaire to help us determine the assessment duration and fees for your organization.

Once granted, ASCB training accreditation is limited to subjects defined in the accredited training organisations scope only. These are defined in the Accreditation Statements which can be viewed using the 'Search for Accredited Bodies' function of this website.